Me as an NBA journalist

I took a five-year "gap" to be an NBA journalist. Growing up in China as a basketball player and an avid fan, I've always aspired to be an NBA player. Well, that dream fell short (pun intended) so I found a different route to associate myself with my favorite NBA teams and players. At first I just wanted to watch games in person for free but it ended up quite well -- had some work that I can be proud of and my interest in basketball analytics somehow led me to discover my passion for data visualization.

Examples of my journalism work

Some pictures from previous life

with Tracy Mcgrady at his home

with Damian Lillard

with P.J. Tucker and his priceless sneakers

with Allen Iverson

with Chris Paul

more T-Mac at his summer camp

picture of me taking picture of James Harden

with former Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni

with Steve Francis

with Rockets fans from China