I study, design, and build interactive visualizations

I'm with Information Interfaces Research Group at Georgia Tech, advised by Dr. John Stasko. My research interests lie in information visualization, data-driven journalism, sports analytics, and HCI. Specifically, I am interested in bringing insights to the masses through reaching, engaging, and enlightening more people with novel interactive visualization and data-driven storytelling. I have studied how to support basketball analytics and data-driven sports journalism through interactive visualization. My current research pivots towards understanding what role visualization can play in countering misinformation in data narratives and developing tools that leverage visualization and language models to assist both journalists and news audiences.
I was a journalist before I started my PhD.


  • HoopInSight: Analyzing and Comparing Basketball Shooting Performance Through Visualization (2023)
    Yu Fu, John Stasko | IEEE VIS (Conference)
    Paper | Video

  • More Than Data Stories: Broadening the Role of Visualization in Contemporary Journalism (2023)
    Yu Fu, John Stasko | IEEE TVCG (Journal)
    Paper Link

  • Supporting Data-Driven Basketball Journalism through Interactive Visualization (2022)
    Yu Fu, John Stasko | CHI 2022 (Conference)
    Paper Link | Video

  • Understanding the Effects of Visualizing Missing Values on Visual Data Exploration (2021)
    Hayeong Song, Yu Fu, Bahador Saket, John Stasko | VIS 2021


some are for papers, most are for fun...

NBA GameViz

interactively visualizing NBA game information and advanced statistics to support novel narrative construction and insight communication.

NBA LineupViz

interactively visualizing NBA teams' lineup performance, with emphasis on advanced statistics and playing time

NBA Travel Route

interactive visualization interface that animates teams' traveling routes

Shot Quality

Participatory design project w/ ShotQuality.

BBallIndex Player Profile

Unfinished participatory design project w/ BBallIndex. It focuses on showing different advanced statistics generated by BBallIndex for each player.


SongBridge allows users to compare multiple playlists and visualize the connections and similarity between them.

Who didn't vote for me

interactively visualizing MVP voting results